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Amy offers individual, couple, and sex therapy in a variety of service formats tailored to the specific challenges facing her patients. Not all solutions are as effective or fast as others, so it’s important for a therapist to offer alternatives and be flexible as new information appears. Sex therapy is talk therapy. There is never any nudity or touching in session.

  • For individual therapy, the first few sessions will involve a detailed assessment of personal information, including a sexual history and family or origin information.
  • For couples therapy, Amy likes to see both partners together for the initial session to get a feel for relationship dynamics and discuss goals for therapy.

Sex therapy is talk therapy. There is never any nudity or touching in session.

What to Expect From Sex Therapy Services

After the initial session, Amy will see each partner individually for two sessions each to gather a detailed sexual history, family of origin information, and other personal information.

After the individual sessions, Amy brings the couple back together for a feedback session where she presents her professional perspective and findings.  Amy will also share her suggestions and recommendations for moving forward in-therapy and out-of-therapy.

After the assessment phase, we move on to the treatment phase of therapy. Amy will give you at-home exercises and assignments to do individually and together. Together, she will discuss those assignment experiences during later sessions.

All sessions are confidential. The details – general and specific – regarding your life, relationship and personal experiences are absolutely safe with Amy, your therapist.